About us

Movimentazioni* is a cultural, social promotion oriented no profit association. It was born in 2003, and on April 2006 we opened a little association bookshop, while in 2009 we inaugurated a bigger new center, more suitable for our activities. It’s a bookcafè where several daily activities take place and authors can present their works.

Our activities focus on:

  • YOUTH AND CITIZENSHIP (democracy, peace, involvement, cooperation, urban cultures and youth languages);
  • CULTURE (audiovisual, art, cinema, publishing and book, indie music);
  • CHILDREN AND CHILDHOOD (creative and educational workshops, invitation to reading, fairy tales recitals)

We also organize training and specializing courses in the areas of our competence:

  • course in movie projection,
  • course in organization of events and cultural journalism (without public fund);
  • course in reading out for the adults;
  • Promotion and organization of package tours for culture events (exhibitions, concerts, festivals).

Our main activities are:

  • “E-Dotto-officina di creatività” workshops for children to encourage them to read, to respect the environment and to teach them the value of peace through plays and creative activities;
  • “Etnolab” a project for the spread of African and Balkan cultures ended on June 2010. This  project was financed  by the action  1.2 of the program “Youth in Action”.
  • INDIEROCKET FESTIVAL, a festival of indie music that has reached its 8th edition, with the performance of bands from all over the world, such as Australia, Chile, US, UK, France, Slovenia, Spain, Japan, Greece, Germany.
  • Italian language course for immigrants;
  • Coordinating, tutoring and realizing of European and national projects.